How It Works

How It Works

Guaranteed Results!
Here's what our parents and students think...

The power of our proven curriculum... Guaranteed Results!

We believe so much in the power of our proven curriculum, and in case you have any doubts about our system, we want to offer you a guarantee. This is our commitment to investing in your students from the moment they begin. With a 96% parent/student rating shows how effectively our students enjoy Harmony Music Accelerated Learning System. Comments include how rapidly they learn, ease of use and how much fun they have learning the instrument of their choice.

4E System Is Our Mission!

Educate our students with engaging content that creates a great experience to achieve significant educational events.

Today's students want quick and engaging entertaining type learning platforms. We provide a Flipped Classroom with short easily understood videos. Allowing more progress with mentoring teacher and/or parent. The videos also allow peer to peer learning or parental help. The student is able to watch video at their convenience, take notes or review videos. Students come to class more fully prepared for success. Our progress tracking system simplifies class management with pertinent timely feedback for student, educator and parent.

IPCC Process: Instrument Performance Composition College

After years of research in the most effective educational methods, we have created IPCC. IPCC incorporates student centered learning, collaborative classes, educational gaming and mastery based curriculum. These methodologies in conjunction with IPCC enables us to have an accelerated music education system. Most importantly, what does that mean for our students? We offer an engaging program that is fun, accelerates students performance, and creates a great experience with our unique events and themed-concerts. Teaching the basics of instrument, how to perform, compose original music and begin prep work for future performing arts college scholarships.


Assessment tools are very important to our program and we have frequent evaluations to monitor student progress. It is also important to evaluate user experience from a student, parent & educator perspective. Our 1,200+ 5-star reviews show proven results in both education & experience usage.

A simple yet effective class management tool for tracking included with each module. Progress is demonstrated by music theory review and performance of the concepts for each module. Using a mastery-based pedagogy each student is able to move quickly through concepts and constant appraisal.

What Sets Us Apart:

• 100% Results Guarantee
• Cutting Edge Curriculum & Student Driven Peer Learning
• Learn to Read and Write Music
• Online Class Work
• Online Game Learning

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